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Here we are in 1966 in the High School band.

Ad in Sydney "On the Street" magazine around 1985. (above) - Legend magazine no longer in print.

Workshop in Nelson St. Annandale. The picture is  taken about 1995 - The tree

in this picture was planted by Dolly Pappapololis,

on 5th July, 1974 in dedication

  to her father , Nicoloas Pappapololis , who laid the first stone for the foundations

  of the building , on 5th July 1954. We still call past on hot days and water

  the tree. It makes us sad , now that we are at Homebush , and knowing the

tree is there all by itself.

Picture above is Dolly Pappapololis, who planted the tree.

Picture below is the funeral of Nicoloas Pappapololis. 1974. RIP mate.

Picture below shows our workshop in Annandale. 

Remember; we're closer than you

think....and we know where you live.

Picture above shows our

mascot "Zoomer".

Are  you in the picture above ?. Shot by our midnight to dawn

lighting operator at 4am at a mystery outdoor venue

Crazy picture of old school days.

Close up look at the Miniscan

HPE in action. Shot in the Bohemian

Club's "Charles Manson Room".

The club burnt to the ground

after a mystery explosion and fire at 4am in the morning.

Theo Hunter( Above) Theo was from the "old school" and grew up with very basic lighting systems.

He worked with rheostat controlled carbon arc rod followspots and was the chief followspot operator for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth 11 in the very early 1950's. Prior to that he was in charge of searchlight batteries that operated in WW 11in the 1940's to pin point hostile fighter planes and bombers. He earned the nickname "Eagle" as his uncanny skill at picking up a Target ( and later an actor on stage ) was almost too perfect.

A Legend Strong Rheostat Controlled Carbon Arc Follow Spot.

What have we here then? 

mystery band performing in the Pickled Porcupine Club.

1958 Blaxcell St Granville, Sydney, Crest Ballroom. 

Rare history photo.

The 5 doormen at the Dew Drop Inn nightclub. 1965.

1979 Band on stage with special effects

1971 band outside Epping Mac House

1969 School Dance Band

Website by Stefano Michelle Valipharnus.

He sadly passed away on 1st Feb. 2010

Just before he last updated our website. We dedicate this to him and his work with us.  He will be remembered as a true friend and a dedicated professional. Stefano - you rock. ( you wanted this written on your resting place )

We now update this website using the tools Stef. gave us.

His last words to us were " keep this web alive - keep the love."  As a tribute to him I am posting BELOW a picture of a show in the 1920's

in the UFS Dispensary Hall at Chatswood in Sydney NSW with his mother and father.

The picture above shows Stefano's Mother and Father dancing in the UFS Dispensary Ballroom at Chatswood ( NSW ) Australia in the 1920's.

RARE HISTORY PHOTO : Picture above shows the Eastwood Women in Theatre float at the annual Chamber of Commerce parade, c 1920.

UFS (United Friendly Society) Hall, Victoria Ave Chatswood, Sydney. late 1960's

In the early 1950's the Lighting Crew were a bit more formal than today .  Above are the lighting team about to leave from the Eastwood depot ( NSW ) for a function.

 Bob and Doris who were the Leaders in the Psychedelic Trance Evolution of the Mid-Late 1960's

picture of our former staff.

When you need full on lighting,

  the Full Effect is everything. 

Picture ABOVE shows you a very early 1970's show.

Hello ! Above - Here is our 1950's Staff Birthday Party !

Picture above are the

      band "$200 worth of fruit" performing in the Full Effect room.

The Picture above is Max Dixon who was the first caretaker at the UFS Dispenary Hall in Chatswood where we started doing lighting. In the Mid 1960's. Max was a Legend and an amazing guy. Full of life. Max used to sometimes suddenly appear in the room as a guest and in later years (sadly) arrive to say he was requested for some assistance with the function. We used to say things like " we are glad you came as we needed you "

He is remembered as a true friend.

HISTORY PHOTO - Picture Above is Horace Tickler, testing the rheostat dimmer system ( 1947 ) Horace was a lighting pioneer. He was the first person to recognise the transition from Rheostat to Solid State Dimmer Systems. In the very late 1940's  to very early 1950's

1967 - The MoBees relaxing before performing at the 8 mile high club.

Gus Ferguson was also a pioneer. He is pictured above looking into a very early Electronic Dimmer System ( about Mid 1964 ) He was a very important engineer in earlier years. He worked on very early 1940's projects that were associated with Electricity Supply Grids. He was a co-pioneer in the "pre-heat rapid start" Fluorescent tube in the very late 1940's and very early 1950's. Unfortunately his health was failing in the 1960's and he became more and more consumed by his illness. Gus was a very private person who would not mention to anyone what he had done. I can tell you that he did so much for teaching young people about new technology. He lived his life to show the young how the future would be. He was an amazing person.

Betty Wilson(pictured above) was the receptionist at the Rex Maxwell institute. She knew a lot about electronics, as her step brother, Nigel Fotheringham was a self taught inventor. In the 1980's she became convinced that there would soon have to be a protocol for Lighting ( and Audio ) the same as what existed for Fax Machines ( G3 ). As she took phone calls for everyone she organised a conference for interested parties to attend and this would in years to come be the beginning of the USITT Protocol DMX-512 which is the Lighting protocol of today ( soon to be taken over by Ethernet ). While Betty had no personal technical knowledge she was an amazing organiser and had a mind as sharp as a tack. Years later many technical people say she was the original driving force behind the creation of the DMX-512 protocol.

An old Strong  Rheostat Operated Carbon Arc Follow Spot. As used for Queen Elizabeth in 1954 when she came to Australia .

1959 Fairfield Showground 3 Day Music Festival 

The picture of the rocket above

      shows you what to expect from one of our shows. 5-4-3-2-1 Get ready to

      blast off into space

Here we all are standing in front of the biggest laser in the world - the 25,000 watt monster! It was originally built

for the "star wars" space defence programme, which was later put on indefinite hold

1960's out and about

(Left to Right) Bob Thompson, Dave Miller (seated), John Robinson, Ray Mulholland.

1967 Picture of the Dave Miller Set - a band we did lighting for on a few occasions.

Picture above shows Harold Fotheringham adjusting

the moving truss manually after the electric motor jammed.

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