Below are examples of our

work, and other interesting things. January 2021

At Electric Sunshine we specialise in providing

a complete lighting look for your function.

We have staff specialised in the areas of plot design and Staff that can turn

the drawing into a look and the technical staff to make it happen; as well

as Console programmers and operators that provide creative and imaginative

input into the show. In short, rather than

just making it work, we make it look interesting.

We can make your show come a l i v e !

A bright light on a dark night.

We have eye watering equipment.

Has to been seen to be believed.

On stage at the Bohemian Club.

(above) NYE Outdoor at Bondi

(above) The Rasta Bluegrass Bugle band.

( Picture Above ) Walter Fallon who in 1959 developed the Liquid Overhead Projector Illumination Method that was the forerunner to the early 1960's Psychedelic Light Show's. He used these originally to show river and ocean flow patterns.

Outdoor Structure for the Mayan 2012 new age concert.

Control room at Hurstville Rivoli in mid 1950's

Control Room 1960 Sydney Trocadero Ballroom

Opening Ceremony - Blessing of the new multi purpose hall at the Church of the New Light.

Very early experimental wireless DMX demonstration

On stage at the Metro, Sydney.

Legend Lighting console

the Jands HOG 1000. (above)

History Photo from 1941 Experimental Laser.

(above) Here we all are in front of the worlds' biggest laser. The Centurion Maxis Mark 5A

You name it, We can light it. Or have lit it. ( the Fiddler - Rouse Hill - Sydney )


In 1897 George (GM) Miller was the local Gas Street Lamplighter. He used to go around lighting the street gas lamps. They were lit every night except on a full moon, when it was considered the moon would be the main light. The exception to this was a cloudy night. His other (daytime) job was local undertaker.

He found this a useful combination as he was frequently seen digging graves until the sun came up, when he then went around town turning off the gas street lamps. 

Sometimes, as people died, the family would wait for him to travel around town, and he would take the body with him. 

He was very tall and his nickname was Giant George. He was a very softly spoken, ever watchful person, with amazing attention to detail.

What will be 2021 be like for your venue ?

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