hi there

here are some, what we think, are very interesting pics for you to look at. over the years many people and things cross your path that really get you thinking. it's a big crazy world out there and lots of things going on. enjoy

(Top left to lower right) photo shows us in 1966 in the school band. Centre is our friend Nigel walking around after a big night out. Right is our midnight to dawn photo of the dance spectacular held in the wilderness, and Lower left, is the pyro guy letting loose, "Johnny Ringo" is centre and on the right is a history photo of the early 1950's lighting crew about to set out from the Eastwood NSW depot. They were a bit more formal in those days.

here are some more

(Top left to lower right) 1970's disco band, now this could be the UFO we saw, the lighting and audio controllers were a lot larger back in the day, here is the transformer we had to tap into to power that lighting rig, now here is a 1940's experimental laser! and last but not least lower right here we are grinding the cross threaded nut off that smoke machine while on stage at the gig while the dj looked on and was a tad worried

And still more

Top left to lower right - the lighting, sound, vision, MC and stage manager at the Hotsy Totsy club in the 1960's, Centre, the Dave Miller Set band from the late 1960's, $200 worth of fruit band pic. shot at the Charles Manson room in the Bohemian club, Lower Left is a rare history shot of the Eastwood NSW theatre float in the 1920's. Centre is Max Dixon who was caretaker at the UFS dispensary hall at Chatswood in the 50's and 60's, and, a band on stage at the pickled porcupine club 1990

But wait . . . there's more

Top Left to Bottom right, Mobees band 1967, relaxing in the 9 miles high club in Perth, WA. Centre, manually adjusting the moving truss after the motor jammed, Top Right, In front of the worlds biggest laser, the centurian MX1000. Lower left, 1930's dancing in the UFS Dispensary Chatswood ballroom, Centre, 1960 Fairfield Showground Rock and Roll festival, and Lower Right, the control room at Sydney Trocadero back in the early 1950's

behind the scenes

Top three pictures show the behind the scenes patching of equipment to make the whole show work. Bottom Left is an old school vinyl DJ, Centre pic is a late 1940's outdoor venue where "stomp" shows were held, and the far right lower picture shows you someone prepping the equipment before a show

and finally . . .

Top Left, the 2012 Mayan end of world outdoor event, Centre, early DMX wireless experiment, Top Right , When you need more strobe, Lower Left, Blessing of the New Age Crystal healing church, Lower Centre, the Bluegrass Bugle Marching Band, Lower right is a Strong Super Trouper carbon arc follow spot in our workshop